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Individuals Suitable for Halotherapy

Halotherapy is also suitable for individuals with general good health as well as those in poor health. The process of respiratory hygiene may support a degree of wellness by reducing the severity of respiratory and sinus infections. Respiratory hygiene may be suitable for people exposed to airborne substances, seasonal allergens, dust, mould, pollution, tobacco, smoke, occupational exposure to dust, gases, or chemicals.

The following health conditions may require treatment from a Doctor and Halotherapy is a complementary in addition to frontline medical practices. Some conditions will require specific medications only prescribed by Doctor. All acute infections and chronic health conditions of any nature need to be monitored by a Doctor. If an individual is suffering an acute illness then a Salt Therapist must instruct the client to seek medical attention or call an ambulance if required.

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Individuals Suitable for Halotherapy

Conditions where Halotherapy may be of assistance:

Salt is also extremely beneficial for skin in treating:

In addition, salt naturally produces negative ions, which have been shown to reduce:

And negative ions can increase:

Halotherapy is intended to clean the airways and support immune response. It may inhibit the susceptibility of individuals experiencing the long term symptoms of respiratory disease such as recurring infection and a build-up of mucus. The cleansing effects of dry salt aerosol on the respiratory system may provide relief from the symptoms of acute and chronic respiratory disease. Halotherapy has been implicated and used by individuals in the early-stage of emphysema and COPD. This therapy is not a cure, treatment for, or prevention of any type of illness. Research indicates that the cleansing effects of dry salt aerosol may have a positive effect on reducing the recurrence and severity of symptoms.

Many people seek Halotherapy for relief from chronic or acute conditions. Treatment is also recommended as a preventative measure for frequently sick adults and children. A regular maintenance program of 1-2 sessions every 1-2 weeks may be beneficial in the maintaining a clean respiratory system.

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