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Supporting your Whole Body Health

At Patterson Allied Health (PAH), we offer clients a range of Allied Health services.  These include podiatry, osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and dietetics.  Our trained allied health professionals not only offer and treat the immediate injury or condition but also look at the body as a whole and other influencing factors contributing to overall well-being, using our unique program, The Fundamentals of Healing.


This program was developed over the past 15 years by our owner, director, and principal podiatrist and founder of Allied Wellness, Mrs. Kristi Boles.  This program focuses on the five fundamentals of wellness and lifestyle factors that have been well documented to affect whole-body health and healing.  They are hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and movement.   The Fundamentals of Healing Program empowers patients and encourages them to make beneficial lifestyle changes.  Your allied health professional at PAH will incorporate this program into your treatment regime to help you make stronger and more confident decisions regarding your health and speed up your recovery.

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